21st Century Best Practices for D&O Questionnaires

Are you using best practices to collect and store the information you obtain from your Directors and Officers? If you still compile your company’s information manually and collect responses on paper, by scan or emailed responses, you already realize that your systems are not optimized, but it has further reaching implications.

Volkswagen vs. Tesla: A Contrast in Corporate Governance and Vehicles

Toyota and Volkswagen have been the two biggest vehicle manufacturers worldwide for the past several years. Just two years ago, Volkswagen was number one, but a look behind the numbers, shows that trouble had been looming for some time. In a recent New York Times article, Charles M. Elson, director of the John L. Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance at the University of Delaware, said “the governance of Volkswagen was a breeding ground for scandal. It was an accident waiting to happen.”

Center for Board Excellence Expands Leadership Team with New Appointments

GREENSBORO, N.C. and SEATTLE, Oct. 13, 2015 – The Center for Board Excellence (CBE), the leading provider of compliance and governance solutions, today announced that it has appointed Phil Neiswender to the role of president and Kaley Childs to vice president, client services & business development. Neiswender will also remain as a member of CBE’s board of directors, which he joined in 2013. 

Could Board Evaluations Have Averted the Recent Carnegie Hall Board Fiasco?

Carnegie Hall needed board evaluations

Carnegie Hall needed to anonymously administer board evaluations... several years ago.

Carnegie Hall is just the latest example of how corporate governance — defined as the mechanisms and processes by which an entity is controlled and directed — can utterly fail. Deeper examination offers insight into some of the fundamental changes that are needed.

Live Webcast 7/28/15: Measuring Board Effectiveness

Agenda is hosting a webcast on measuring board effectiveness on Tuesday, July 28th from 11:00am to 12:00pm ET. Byron Loflin, President and CEO of Center for Board Excellence along with Stephen Giove, partner at Shearman & Sterling, are the featured panelists. They will discuss the processes associated with conducting effective evaluations and how boards can use the results to enhance board performance. 

Board Refreshment: Using Evaluation Metrics To Reposition Your Board For Success

In my earlier post, "Why It's Time for a Corporate Board Peer Assessment, I discussed investor expectations regarding board refreshment, and how current mechanisms for effectuating board renewal (e.g., age and term limits) have been ineffective in achieving the diversification investors demand. A robust assessment process, which includes peer assessments, greatly assists the board in its refreshment efforts.

Cyber Prudence: 12 Cyber Security Questions that Your Board Should Be Asking

The derivative lawsuit against Target alleges that the Board breached its duty of care and "harmed the company financially by failing to take adequate steps to prevent the cyberattack and by subsequently providing customers with incomplete and misleading information about the extent of the data theft.” 

Why It’s Time for a Corporate Board Peer Assessment

Investors have high — though not unreasonable — expectations of corporate boards. On a basic level, they expect the boards of companies in which they invest to be transparent, efficient and competent. Going a step further, many investors demand their boards to be diverse not only in representation, but also in skill set and experience. These expectations, collectively, make board refreshment a "must" for effective boards