We design, build, and conduct:

  • Board Evaluations
  • CEO Evaluations
  • D&O Questionnaires
  • Custom compliance questionnaires: COI, AS18, COC, FCPA....

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Effective Board Evaluations, CEO Evaluations, and D & O Questionnaires

The Center for Board Excellence (CBE) is a trusted corporate governance partner for public and private companies globally. Find out why companies large and small are improving governance and reducing costs using CBE for the following:

  • Board Evaluations
  • Board Peer Evaluations
  • CEO Evaluations
  • Directors' & Officers' Questionnaires
  • Compliance Questionnaires

We streamline laborious, inefficient, costly, paper-based processes so that directors and governance professionals can focus on what they do best: provide strategic advisement and guidance on matters that impact an organization’s performance. 

"Your combined online questionnaire and interview process produced the best board evaluation report that I have seen in my over 20 years as a public company director" - Fortune 500 company director

CBE EnGauge™ Platform

The CBE EnGauge™ platform serves the board chair, CEO, general counsel, and corporate secretary delivering board, peer, and CEO evaluations. EnGauge ™ is also the industry's leading solution for streamlining and simplifying D&O Questionnaires, Investor Questionnaires, and other compliance related questionnaires and documentation. Find out why more and more Fortune 2000 companies are choosing CBE as their governance solution partner.

Every Governance Challenge has a Solution

Our popular Board Evaluations are just the starting point for a library of services that utilize the EnGauge™ platform and optimize every aspect of measuring leadership performance and participation.  From Peer Evaluations to Management Board Evaluations and Director Self-Evaluations we give a flexibility in method while providing the same actionable metrics.  The EnGauge™ platform also helps boards measure company performance through CEO Evaluations,  Management Team Evaluations, and our unique board focused employee engagement assessment.


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  • Cyber Security

    Our hosted infrastructure is custom engineered to provide our clients the highest level of data security.
  • Cost and Time Savings

    Reduce time and expenses when you utilize CBE's suite of evaluation services.
  • Compliance

    Work with corporate governance experts to ensure compliance.
  • Metrics-based Decision Making

    CBE's reporting gives you the facts you need to make important decisions.
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