Why Digital is Better - D&O Questionnaires

Directors' and Officers' Questionnaires are a labor-intensive process to the legal teams administering them and to the directors and officers completing them year after year. The forms are generic and require manual entry of known information. Questions are often hard to understand, redundant, or sometimes irrelevant to specific respondents. What's worse, the completed questionnaire review process is cumbersome and inefficient.

We know. We can help.

CBE offers a dynamic, electronic D&O Questionnaire through its EnGauge™ platform that makes the process faster, simpler, and more secure. Click here to download the Pros & Cons of Digital D&O Questionnaire. The table describes how an electronic form can save you and your organization more time every year.

Our experts provide a full-service approach and support to administering your D&O Questionnaire - from set-up to reporting. Let us help you modernize your questionnaire process to see just how much time you can save while getting things done.