• SCG National Conference with Nasdaq

    We're in Washington DC for the Society of Corporate Governance National Conference. There's nothing like forefathers and experience to bring together America's top governance professionals. Stop by booth #25 and say hello to a Board Excellence Expert.

    This year, we've joined forces with Nasdaq's Board & Leadership Solutions team. Both teams will be onsite to walk you through how CBE's governance workflow integrates with the Boardvantage Portal to bring better answers to the Boardroom.

  • Reboot, Not Refresh

    Does your board have strong governance practices to effectively oversee your organization? "Finally, board chairs and investors are pointing towards corporate-governance excellence as key to long-term value creation and economic stability. Corporate governance is now a top priority for BlackRock, State Street, Vanguard and others."

    As research emerges linking governance and diversity to performance, board members are called on to react. But how?

  • Why Digital is Better - D&O Questionnaires

    Directors' and Officers' Questionnaires are a labor-intensive process to the legal teams administering them and to the directors and officers completing them year after year. The forms are generic and require manual entry of known information. Questions are often hard to understand, redundant, or sometimes irrelevant to specific respondents.

  • Commonsense principles of corporate governance

    I applaud Larry Fink, Jamie Dimon, Warren Buffett and colleagues for stepping forward and advancing this important dialogue.  The group's corporations represent more than $15 trillion in managed or controlled assests.  Board effectiveness is a key element of a company's governance and overall success.  Measuring effectiveness through a well designed board evaluation is an important step that high performing boards engage as an annual part of their agenda. 

  • Nasdaq Board Portal

    Nasdaq Boardvantage® Board Portal

    A paperless boardroom for effective corporate engagement

    Nasdaq Boardvantage is the next generation board portal and leadership team collaboration software from Nasdaq Corporate Solutions. 

    Built on the latest technology and designed with industry-leading security features, this software solution can easily scale to meet dynamic meeting, collaboration and governance needs of corporate and company secretaries, general counsel, board members, and senior management teams and committees. 

    To read more about Nasdaq's Boardvantage Board Portal, click here. 

  • board refreshment and diversity

    Why Board Refreshment is Critical to Success

    As boards today face issues related to growth, globalization, and technological change, board refreshment is becoming more and more critical. The model of board-member-for-life — the proverbial pale, male, and stale — is likely to miss the boat as far as possessing the skill set and familiarity needed to address emerging crises and changes in investor and customer profiles. In fact, any board that defaults to the status quo and does not plan for the future is not holding its own; it is actually falling behind.

  • CEOs and Boards at Top Performing Companies Pursue Rigorous Evaluations

    CEOs and boards have different jobs to do. They face very different challenges in performing their jobs effectively, which can make their working relationship complicated.

    And sometimes that relationship can go terribly, terribly wrong.

    Since 2014, the directors of American Apparel and the company’s founder and past CEO, Dov Charney, have been battling over the company’s future. Charney was ousted after mismanagement on his watch led the trendy, US-produced clothing manufacturer into bankruptcy.

  • Embracing Creative Tension in the Board Room

    Board Evaluations That Go from “Check-the-Box” to Transformative

    What board member hasn’t heard, “The board speaks with one voice or not at all”? Every board should agree on the core beliefs that support the success of its organization. Projecting a unified message that reflects those core beliefs is critical.

    However, sometimes the “one voice” principle — designed to guide the board’s behavior after examination of board business and discussion — can seep into boardroom discussion, suppressing inquiry and new ideas. 

  • University and College Board of Trustees Evaluations for a Changing World

    The challenges facing college and university boards of trustees (also referred to as regents, governors or visitors) today are formidable. They range from cutbacks in federal and state support to faculty governance and presidential leadership. Boards bear responsibility for issues that touch on every aspect of campus life: enrollment, financial aid, academic integrity, fundraising and athletics. At times they will be tested by crises, such as sexual assault or racism.