Our patent-pending platform provides directors with a secure, confidential forum where their thoughts and perceptions regarding fellow board members can be shared.

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Board of Directors Peer Evaluations

Board of directors peer evaluations are perhaps the more candid evaluation of director performance in that they provide in-depth information regarding fellow directors and inner-workings among them. They promote accountability among directors: the evaluation reveals a board's particular strengths, and areas where both directors and board as a whole lacks expertise or is performing short of expectations.

Anonymity and Collegiality

Board peer evaluation can be somewhat adversarial in nature. CBE's Peer Evaluation takes great care to encourage collegiality among board members. Directors are encouraged to speak frankly as they are afforded complete anonymity in taking the CBE Peer Evaluation survey.

As with all the CBE questionnaires, evaluations, and training tools, CBE can simply convert your organization's existing materials to a more flexible and efficient governance platform or work with your governance professionals to design a new questionnaire closely tailored to the unique aspects of your business. 

How It Works

CBE is also available to meet with the client to present the report in person and for additional consulting services.

  • 10 Point Scale

    CBE’s Board Peer Assessment covers critical areas of the Board's functions in a comprehensive questionnaire where each member is asked to rate his or her colleagues on a ten-point scale.
  • Share Opinions

    The open-ended section allows directors to provide additional comments regarding their colleagues' performance.
  • Results

    The result of the survey is a high-value, written report that provides the Board with the information necessary to conduct a thorough review of each director's performance.
  • Report

    The report is presented to a Board-designated representative.
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"We have used Center for Board Excellence for two annual board evaluations now, as well as our CEO evaluation. We can recommend CBE. The process went well, and directors liked being able to complete the tool online."

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