Supervision over compensation is one of the most difficult and important tasks of a board. Give your committee a boost and improve your processes.

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Compensation Committee Evaluation

It is the mandate of the compensation committee to have oversight of the company or organization’s compensation policies. Best practices dictate that such policies align compensation with an overall business strategy. It is also important that these policies tie compensation to long-term strategic performance and enhancement of stockholder value. A performance-oriented environment should also reward achievement of internal goals. In determining the compensation of the CEO or other executives, the committee should look to performance objectives of other similarly situated companies in its own industry. Lastly, the committee should align the financial interests of its executives to those of the company’s stockholders. An annual performance review of the CEO determines if performance is in line with achievement of overall goals and objectives.

As with all the CBE questionnaires, evaluations, and training tools, CBE can simply convert your organization's existing materials to a more flexible and efficient governance platform or work with your governance professionals to design a new questionnaire closely tailored to the unique aspects of your business.

How It Works

CBE is also available to meet with the client to present the report in person and for additional consulting services.

  • 10 Point Scale

    CBE’s Compensation Committee Assessment covers critical areas of the Committee's functions in a comprehensive questionnaire where each member is asked to rate the Committee on a ten-point scale.
  • Share Opinions

    The remaining questions are open-ended questions where the committee members can freely share their opinion on the overall functioning of the Committee.
  • Results

    The result of the survey is a high-value, written report that gives the Compensation Committee the opportunity to assess its performance, examine compliance and assay critical committee functions.
  • Report

    The report is presented to the Compensation Committee Chair and shared with a Board designated representative.
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CBE’s internet-based evaluation software is a low-cost, high-benefit solution for the critical need to perform committee evaluations. The challenges of corporate governance affect the bottom line today more than ever. CBE’s state-of-the-art processes increase management’s opportunity to decrease risk and influence profitability by appropriating leadership best practices.