CBE's EnGauge™ platform can streamline:

  • Code of Conduct questionnaires
  • Conflict of Interest questionnaires
  • FCPA questionnaires
  • Others
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Corporate Governance Compliance Questionnaires

CBE's EnGauge™ platform was built by lawyers and technologists with deep reporting experience.

Fast, nimble, and flexible, EnGauge™ is the leading governance and compliance platform.  

EnGauge enables efficient administration of D&O questionnaires, and a a wide range of compliance documents such as code of conduct questionnaires, conflict of interest questionnaires, FCPA questionnaires, independence reviews, and other custom questionnaire solutions.  

  • Cyber Security

    Our hosted infrastructure is custom engineered to provide the highest level of data security for our clients.
  • Cost & Time Savings

    Reduce time and expenses when you utilize CBE's suite of evaluation services.
  • Compliance

    Work with corporate governance experts to ensure compliance.
  • Metrics-based Decision Making

    CBE's reporting gives you the facts you need to make important decisions.
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