Get a comprehensive evaluation of your cyber-risk management and the directors' role in addressing cyber threats.

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Cyber-Security for Boards

Of all the risks that directors have to evaluate and oversee, cyber-security is among the most quickly evolving and potentially hazardous threats to the enterprise. For this reason, CBE has integrated a cyber-security segment into many of its products and services; and its cyber-security assessment is the most comprehensive of these efforts. The CBE team develops and administers cyber-security questionnaires designed to help company boards evaluate their level of cyber-security expertise and to understand their company's alignment with the latest in cyber-security protocols and practices. 

As with all the CBE questionnaires, evaluations, and training tools, CBE can simply convert your organization's existing materials to a more flexible and efficient governance platform or work with your governance professionals to design a new questionnaire closely tailored to the unique aspects of your business.

12 Cyber Security Questions Every Board Should Ask12 Cyber Security Questions Every Board Should Ask


How It Works

  • Customizable Questionnaires

    CBE converts and streamlines your paper-based Cyber-Security questionnaire to an electronic format.
  • Administration

    CBE subsequently administers the questionnaire to directors, officer, and other company personnel designated by you.
  • Results

    CBE develops a high-value, written report indicating to what extent the directors, officers, and other company personnel are versed in cyber-security risk management and compliance.
  • Report

    The report is presented to a Board-designated representative.
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