Digitize your D&O Questionnaire for a
Dynamic and Data-Driven Experience

  • Save Time

    All of our EnGauge™ features and our overall service helps to speed the disclosure reporting process

  • Lower Costs

    Eliminate the cost and hassle of building and mailing paper-based forms, or of less-sophisticated technology questionnaires

  • Improve Data Accuracy

    Our process focuses on data accuracy with features that reduce the hassle of receiving incomplete forms

  • Improve Reporting

    Our proprietary redlined summary report allows reviewers to quickly and easily compare directors’ and officers’ responses

  • Customize Forms

    Choose between utilizing your existing form or leverage Goodwin Proctor’s D&O Form

Why Choose Nasdaq's D&O Questionnaire Platform

These are the features that best simplify the Process:
  • 01 Pre-POPULATE

    Information is pre-populated so that directors and officers easily update and confirm information accuracy.


    Questions may be designated as mandatory response so respondents must answer all questions to help ensure no questions are missed.

  • 03 Flyover TERMS

    Definitions may be easily seen by respondents by simply hovering over the defined term.


    Universal or individual reference documents may be linked for a respondent to simply click to view a document.

  • 05 Conditional QUESTION Customization

    Questions may be designated to appear based on a respondent’s role with the company or response to a threshold question.


    Clients may view questionnaire response status and download completed questionnaires at any time from the EnGauge™ Dashboard.

  • 07 Summary Report

    Our proprietary summary report helps companies streamline their review process by aggregating responses and highlighting changes to information.

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