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How It Works

  • Customizable Questionnaires

    Customizable Questionnaires

    CBE either converts and streamlines your paper-based C&O Questionnaire to an electronic format or provides a template questionnaire that is subsequently tailored to meet your company's specific needs.
  • Administration


    The D&O Questionnaire is subsequently administered to the directors and officers designated by you.
  • Results


    CBE develops an individual report presenting each director's and officer's response to the questionnaire, as well as a comprehensive report summarizing and comparing all of the respondents' answers.
  • Report


    The reports are presented to a Board-designated representative.
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  • SCG National Conference with Nasdaq

    We're in Washington DC for the Society of Corporate Governance National Conference. There's nothing like forefathers and experience to bring together America's top governance professionals. Stop by booth #25 and say hello to a Board Excellence Expert.

    This year, we've joined forces with Nasdaq's Board & Leadership Solutions team. Both teams will be onsite to walk you through how CBE's governance workflow integrates with the Boardvantage Portal to bring better answers to the Boardroom.

  • Reboot, Not Refresh

    Does your board have strong governance practices to effectively oversee your organization? "Finally, board chairs and investors are pointing towards corporate-governance excellence as key to long-term value creation and economic stability. Corporate governance is now a top priority for BlackRock, State Street, Vanguard and others."

    As research emerges linking governance and diversity to performance, board members are called on to react. But how?

  • Why Digital is Better - D&O Questionnaires

    Directors' and Officers' Questionnaires are a labor-intensive process to the legal teams administering them and to the directors and officers completing them year after year. The forms are generic and require manual entry of known information. Questions are often hard to understand, redundant, or sometimes irrelevant to specific respondents.

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