We assist boards in determining whether one or more of its directors satisfies applicable independence guidelines and requirements.

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Independence Review

From time to time, corporations and not-for-profit entities require or desire an independent review to be conducted.  Reasons for such an undertaking can range from investigation of a potential problem to taking a fresh look at a critical operational issue.  No matter what the need, the CBE platform offers an ideal framework and completely independent source for the task.  CBE’s information gathering and top-of-the-industry metric-based reports allow management to quickly evaluate and address issues of critical importance.

As with all the CBE questionnaires, evaluations, and training tools, CBE can simply convert your organization's existing materials to a more flexible and efficient governance platform or work with your governance professionals to design a new questionnaire closely tailored to the unique aspects of your business.

How It Works

  • Customizable Questionnaires

    The CBE converts and streamlines your paper-based Independence Questionnaire to an electronic format.
  • Administration

    The CBE subsequently administers the questionnaire to directors, officers, and other company personnel designated by you.
  • Results

    The CBE develops a high-value, written report indicating to what extent the respondents meet the independence requirements as specified under applicable law and exchange listing guidelines.
  • Report

    The report is presented to a Board-designated representative.
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