Does the Board unanimously support the company's strategy? Assess the status.

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Strategy Evaluation

Evaluating strategy is integral to enterprise success.  The company's board of directors is responsible for monitoring and supporting management's execution on strategy.  A client, usually the board chair or corporate secretary, works with CBE's experts, who upload the company's customized strategy evaluation into CBE's patent (pending) process that results in a Strategy Performance Report.

"In the field of business management, we frequently find men deploying resources on a large scale without any clear notion of what their strategy is." -- Seymour Tilles, Lecturer on Business Administration at the Harvard Business School

As with all the CBE questionnaires, evaluations, and training tools, CBE can simply convert your organization's existing materials to a more flexible and efficient governance platform or work with your governance professionals to design a new questionnaire closely tailored to the unique aspects of your organization.

How It Works

CBE is also available to meet with the client to present the report in person and for additional consulting services.

  • 10 Point Scale

    CBE's Strategy Evaluation covers critical areas of the Board's functions in a comprehensive questionnaire where each member is asked to rate management's execution on strategy on a ten-point scale.
  • Share Opinions

    The remaining questions are open-ended questions where the Board members can freely share their opinion on the management's overall performance.
  • Results

    The result of the evaluation is a high-value, written report that gives the Board the opportunity to assess the management's strategy performance.
  • Report

    The report is presented to the Board and management and shared with a designated representative of the Board.
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