Board Evaluations

Commonsense principles of corporate governance

I applaud Larry Fink, Jamie Dimon, Warren Buffett and colleagues for stepping forward and advancing this important dialogue.  The group's corporations represent more than $15 trillion in managed or controlled assests.  Board effectiveness is a key element of a company's governance and overall success.  Measuring effectiveness through a well designed board evaluation is an important step that high performing boards engage as an annual part of their agenda. 

Embracing Creative Tension in the Board Room

Board Evaluations That Go from “Check-the-Box” to Transformative

What board member hasn’t heard, “The board speaks with one voice or not at all”? Every board should agree on the core beliefs that support the success of its organization. Projecting a unified message that reflects those core beliefs is critical.

However, sometimes the “one voice” principle — designed to guide the board’s behavior after examination of board business and discussion — can seep into boardroom discussion, suppressing inquiry and new ideas. 

Gender diversity on corporate boards with women in silhouette

How Standards for Gender Diversity on Corporate Boards Are Evolving

As technology has brought increased awareness of individuals and their public identities and reputations, it has also brought greater access and understanding of the interworking of organizations and the people that run them. Perceptions of corporate boards as “Oz” like institutions have dissipated, and people have come to understand that board members are people with individual characteristics and defining qualities.